We are here at the service of your ideas to help
you when you need your financial support.


With small business loans up to Rs. 10 lakh, funding for your small business is now just 24 hours away. Use the funds to invest in infrastructure, expand operations, upgrade to the latest plant and machinery, maintain inventory, or to increase working capital. These customized loans can give our agents the much-needed boost to help your enterprise scale new heights with enhanced competitiveness and profitability.

We help our agents pursue their dreams by making it easy and affordable to manage money. We offer small monthly loans starting INR 2,000 upto INR 2,00,000 to small and medium-sized enterprises. These working capital loans are best used for an eventful sale or store renewal or a simple cash flow mismatch. We partner with merchant aggregators to identify and assess borrowers. The business is driven by the objective of not only empowering 600 million Indians who do not have access to mainstream credit facility but also making the services available at the tip of their fingers.

Retailers Benefit:

  1. Attract more customers by providing easy and convenient value-added services.
  2. Lesser rate of interest.
  3. We give micro-loans to help meet your everyday business needs.
  4. Less Paperwork.
  5. Earn more income by getting a commission on every money transfer.
  6. Efficient use of cash-in-drawer.
  7. Provide basic banking services to customers and engage with them more.

Customer's Benefits:

  1. Secure, easy and quick transfer of money to any bank in India.
  2. No need to visit a bank, fill up forms, or have an account in the same bank to send money.
  3. Transfer money anytime, even on bank holidays.
  4. Only the recipient's account number, your mobile phone and OTP are needed to send money.