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If you're trying to send money overseas to a bank account, you don't need to rely on your bank for an expensive international transfer. TriceMoney wants to make it easy for you to connect with your friends and loved ones. Use our direct-to-bank service to transfer money to a qualifying bank account today. It's as reliable and just as fast as sending money using your bank, only cheaper because you pay no more than $10 in fees* for up to $5,000. Transfer money to a bank today, it's easy for you and easy for your receiver.

We know you have dreams and you are working towards making those dreams come true. At TriceMoney, we want to be a part of your dream – whether it is building your home, sending your children to the best schools or keeping your family in good health – by offering you a convenient way to send money back home. We are humbled that we have been instrumental in helping millions of people realize their dreams, for nearly two decades now.

Retailers Benefit:

  1. Attract more customers by providing easy and convenient value-added services.
  2. Win goodies.(tablets, mobile phones, laptops) by transactions.
  3. Win 2 tickets to thailand by meeting the targets
  4. More the transactions lesser the rate
  5. Earn more income by getting a commission on every money transfer.
  6. Efficient use of cash-in-drawer..
  7. Provide basic banking services to customers and engage with them more.

Customer's Benefits:

  1. Secure, easy and quick transfer of money to any bank in Indo-Nepal..
  2. No need to visit a bank, fill up forms, or have an account in the same bank to send money.
  3. Transfer money anytime, even on bank holidays
  4. Customer details required for KYC purpose.
  5. Only the recipient's account number, your mobile phone and OTP are needed to send money.
  6. Low transfer fees and great exchange rates.